HoseTechnik Brake Lines


HoseTechnik is a UK manufacturer which offers bespoke brake line kits developed directly from the vehicles that have passed through their UK workshop. 

Hosetechnik brake lines are made with UK sourced and manufactured 303 stainless steel machined end fittings to eliminate the often seen early corrosion which occurs on many standard OEM fitments.

The use of a PVC outer coated, ASI 304 high tensile stainless steel braid with a virgin PTFE resin inner hose and a burst pressure of 321 Bar ensures that a long lasting and durable flexible brake line is created for ultimate safety.

Machined stainless steel end fittings are secured into place using a crimped ferrule at 8 diametrically opposite points which in our opinion is the only truly secure and permanent method of building a hydraulic line.  

Hosetechnik pressure test each line to 3500 psi.

Hosetechnik branded brake lines have been independently tested to FMVSS 106 certification standards which meets ADR rules.

We are proudly the Australian importer of these braided brake lines.